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The 2013 New Bay Colony lineup features:

Richie Stmichel - lead guitar & vocals. Richie has played with such bands as Section 5 in the mid-1960s, Deerfield, D4 & New Bay Colony in the 1970s, Pete Green & the Whiskey River Boys, Big Al Downing & Lincoln County among others in the 80s & 90s. He has warmed up many major acts including the late Waylon Jennings. He is an Oxford, MA native who has made his home for the past 33 years in Grafton.
Rene Blais - drums & vocals. Rene has been the organizer and founding member of just about all of the bands he’s played with from D4 to New Bay Colony, to Luxury Liner & Point Blank in his long career. Originally from Auburn, MA, Rene now resides in Paxton.
Mickey McAuliffe - bass & vocals. Mickey has played guitar or bass from his high school band, The Mondos to New Bay Colony, Luxury Liner & Point Blank. Mickey is a Whitinsville native who now calls Upton home.
Jeff (Benjie) Benton - congas, percussion & vocals. Jeff has been there from the early days as New Bay Colony’s sound and light man. He now takes his rightful place out front with the band to round out a full percussion sound. Jeff is a Whitinsville native and continues to live there.
Fred B. Stewart - Slide guitar and vocals. Freddie was a late addition to the band in the 70's and has rejoined to add a different sound to compliment Richie but to scream a good lead when his time comes around on guitars that he builds himself. Fred has been in his share of bands and now resides in Holden.
Greg Trussell started life next to Canada in Upstate NY. His lead vocals shine on the country side of rock but he comes through on the rock and roll, too. He came to us from a good local band, the Referrals. He shares Upton with Micky.
Ron "Pesky" Paskewicz - Anyone who lives within 100 miles of Uxbridge knows Pesky. We dubbed him "Mr. Unsafe Sax". This Berkeley School of Music grad is so much fun to have in the band. His many bands include Pesky and the Playboys, Sky King and Tumbleweed. He has played with everybody and I mean everybody starting around the age of 14. His sax chops brought a whole new realm to our music. Uxbridge born, he looks over Nipmuc Pond in Mendon at his home.
Our sound is handled by Pro Sound Dude, Cody Nickerson from Uxbridge Ma. Cody has a degree in Sound Engineering, works at Bose and is a Rocker himself doing rhythm and vocals for I Hate My Ex. The band is managed by John Pelletier (Pelly) who was their manager back in the late 1970’s. Pelly does a great job running the events and venues. Pelly is also a Whitinsville native who now resides in Manchaug, MA
Ken Trajanowski is the star employee at TrajNet and spins our web site, keeping it up to date and fresh. Kenny works his magic from Woonsocket, RI.

Those familiar with the band will note an original member is missing. Lead singer Buzzy Tremblay has to come in from the bullpen. Couple of years ago, Pancreatic Cancer tried to take him out but he said no. After chemo and surgery to remove parts of his lung and liver, he came back and took over out front, never missing a note. Unfortunately, it came back. Another chunk of liver and lung removed. He came back and belted ‘em out again. This time though, his stamina just was not there. So, now he comes in when the manager calls. Nothin' like have’n a great closer fire’n heat when you need it.
The rest of our bullpen are no slouches ether. Lead singer/guitar Doug Moore from Blind Tiger Swing Posse, Tornado Alley, Wilbur and the Dukes and other big time acts. One guy comes up from Fla. just to sing with us again. William "Bo" Roberts can still hit the high ones and sound good. Dennis Rantala shows up when called with his Les Paul Anniversary Special to fill in the rhythm guitar licks.

Now for what has gone on since we got back together. It was a dark and stormy night… Actually, no it was 2009 and a perfect August Saturday afternoon when over 500 people showed up at the ROCKdale Legion to see if five guys still had it after thirty something years. Turns out they didn’t still have it but the multitudes stayed for the beer. The guys in the band had so much fun that day that they decided to keep on antagonizing the crowds of Central Mass. So they hit the circuit.
Jillian’s of Worcester, JJ's Sports Bar, Christopher's of Woonsocket, Central St. Tavern, Days End Pub, Rt. 56 Roadhouse, Pepproncini's, Liz's Diamond Grill, The Hawks Nest, The Rose Garden, Countryside Pub, among others. Also the Manchaug Legion, Uxbridge Legion, The Progressive Club, Singletary Rod and Gun, Nipmuc Rod and Gun and of course, our home base The Northbridge Legion, affectionately referred to as the ROCKdale legion. To their surprise, they were asked back to these places a multiple of times. For some odd reason, people kept calling them to do private parties, too. In August of 2010 another 500 people showed up at the ROCKdale legion for more “Classic Rock By The Guys Who Did It Before It Was Classic.” Ah the wonders of beer. At this point the story kinda turns sad. Lead singer Buzzy was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer forcing the guys to cancel gigs at Liz’s Diamond Grill, The Blue Dog, and a Prime Rib Dinner Dance at the Uxbridge Legion. (That one hurt as the band was supposed to eat for free!) In November they staged the BfB – The Benefit For Buzz at the ROCKdale Legion featuring Mike Borgos, FlipSide, Spare Parts Band, Chyldz Play, The Jeff Mason Band and New Bay Colony with Cody Nickerson filling in the first few songs before Buzz came out for the highlight of the night. The turnout was huge. Proceeds were enough to pay the mortgage on the Tremblay homestead for 9 months and the profit to the Legion paid their oil bill for a year with a lot left over for other programs. See the above on the rest of Buzzy's Story. Over the years we have done many benefits, bike runs, private parties and weddings.
September of 2013 we had a capacity crowd at Blackstone Valley National Golf Club for the now famous "Ain't Goin Out To NO Pasture" 40th Anniversary Bash. What a night.

So if you are looking for a band that can do the “Classic Rock” with the best of them, give us a holler using the Contact page or call
Micky McAuliffe at (508) 400-2741
Greg Trussell at (508) 889-3029
Jeff Benton at (508)234-9552
That will sure to make us happy, although you might question you’re judgment.